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Hey - I moved. [Feb. 15th, 2011|07:37 am]
New location!


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double post, woot [Sep. 26th, 2009|03:21 pm]
I'm getting back into vheissu and the alchemy index again once I get home, and I'm picking up daisy and beggars next weekend... shite just hasn't worked out for me being stuck in Ft. Sill, but once I'm home I'm breaking free of this stifling environment and returning to my sweet music of old. I wish I could find a reputable (read: working) program for ripping audio from flash videos... cause then I'd listen to that thrice medley all the damn time. When he breaks out into deadbolt, it's like a cascade of sweetness. ALMOST... almost makes me want to seek out the music the guy makes himself. Might just do that some day.

I'm also planning on upgrading my phone... it's not that important, but I'm remarkably behind the times... there's so much cool shit out there available as far as third party apps, 3+ mp cameras... *sigh* I'll take care of that sooner or later.

It's really, really nice outside... I should be out there... I figure I've got about 15 more minutes before my phone's charged.

Gunna be a good day.
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(no subject) [Sep. 26th, 2009|02:07 pm]
I think you fell in deeper than you imagined so keep the blood in your head and keep your feet on the ground...

Last night was pretty amazing - can't lie. A quick and dirty end to a long and dirty week spent firing hundreds of artillery rounds at innocent blades of grass. The weekend goes like this from here - listen to music 'till my phone recharges at which point I'll go on a walk 'till I get bored, then on my way back I'll pick up my class A's from the dry cleaners (class A's are the spiffy green suits army types wear during ceremonies and stuff) and head back to my bunk to chillax and check my email/messages/lj for the 50th time today. After I've waited a sufficient amount of time, and thus, was hungry again, I'd think about heading to the dfac after which I promised Killy I'd throw around a foot ball w/ him. Then later I'll hit up the class six and come back and listen to moar music, email and stuff...

Pretty much a repeat of every weekend ever here.
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(no subject) [Sep. 23rd, 2009|10:30 pm]
Today blew. Man, oh man, did today ever suck. I can't stress this enough - today was an awful day for a lot of people. I hope everyone heals in time. Ya'll are in my thoughts and prayers... I don't even know everyones name, and I'm pretty sure my full day of suck isn't even comparable to a lot of theirs... but I wish nothing but the best for everyone.

I think we're all due for a miracle.
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(no subject) [Sep. 21st, 2009|10:14 pm]
Dear self... so... how's life? What are you up to nowadays? College? Something? How long has it been since you wrote this? Did you finally quit smoking? Been a jackass lately, or have you smoothed that out as well? I guess you're me, so you can't blame anyone else for sand bagging you. So what's up? Why'd you come back? Is it one of those high fidelity what-does-it-all-mean things? Or are you just trying to keep track of where you've been? If you're going through some tough times, think back and remember when Drill Sergeant Favors smoked you and the rest of A 1/79 for an hour the morning of graduation... or how you felt like your entire body was going to collapse beneath the weight of it and your ta-50/m-16 when DS Lewis fucked you up at the firing range... remember who got you through that? How's that going, by the way? HEY! Remember the first time you fired up your AFATDS in Mr. Stone's class and listening to his old war stories? Remember falling asleep in his class with your eyes open cause you woke up at 5am to immediately run 5 miles?

Just take a short walk, man... and try to remember the good things... doesn't matter what's bothering you... it only hurts when it hurts. Peace.
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(no subject) [Sep. 20th, 2009|04:50 pm]
I wish I had more to say, guys, but lately nothing's been happening... I'm living day to day, pretty much waiting to step off that plane. Hope ya'll are doing great... I should have something exciting to say once I get back... I pretty much have to rebuild my entire life from the ground up... so I'll keep ya'll updated as far as that goes. But yeah, not much else to say. Take care, guys.
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(no subject) [Sep. 18th, 2009|12:03 pm]
I just mosq'd. Hooah. Next step... lunch.
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(no subject) [Sep. 17th, 2009|12:23 pm]
Haven't posted in a while - been busy/exhausted lately. 13 days left in OK. I'm stoked. I MOSQ tomorrow - means I'm done w/training...

I'll spend a week in the field, come back and probably get my wisdom teeth out (fun fun)... then I'll prep for graduation and get the hell out of here.

Will not miss Ft. Sill - I promise you.

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Pointless Entry #226 [Sep. 13th, 2009|07:57 pm]
Today was a pretty good day...

I began at 5:59.59am by automatically and subcontiously pressing the snooze button before the sound waves attacked my ears... then I woke up to some guys who came in calling everyone to a formation outside... that was at about 9 o'clock. After we stood around listening to SGT French talk about responsibility for 30 minutes, I came back up stairs and went back to sleep 'till lunch. That's when it started raining (hasn't stopped yet). Lunch consisted of a french bread/pizza thing, chili fries, and an apple with two cups of oj. After that, I took a walk through the woods nearby and found a creek... I built a dam out of a bunch of rocks, leaves, sticks and an old rail road tie I found nearby... After a pretty large pool of water has accumulated, I removed the rail road tie and watched a micro devestating tidal wave wreak havok on a pile of leaves. Score. Then, satisfied, I walked back to the barracks to lay down and listen to music 'till dinner.

Nothing cool happened after that.

Read/write tonight?? Is there enough time? I guess we'll see...
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(no subject) [Sep. 11th, 2009|07:36 pm]
Alright, so here's teh score... me - 0, laundry - 1. I washed/dried my clothes but neglected to fold/them put away... then after morning pt/shower, I put my wet/sweaty shit back into the laundry bag full of clothes where they spent the whole day redirtifying everything. Epic failure on the fail whale scale.

Short weeks lead quickly into weekends. I'm almost home. These are facts.
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