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double post, woot [Sep. 26th, 2009|03:21 pm]
I'm getting back into vheissu and the alchemy index again once I get home, and I'm picking up daisy and beggars next weekend... shite just hasn't worked out for me being stuck in Ft. Sill, but once I'm home I'm breaking free of this stifling environment and returning to my sweet music of old. I wish I could find a reputable (read: working) program for ripping audio from flash videos... cause then I'd listen to that thrice medley all the damn time. When he breaks out into deadbolt, it's like a cascade of sweetness. ALMOST... almost makes me want to seek out the music the guy makes himself. Might just do that some day.

I'm also planning on upgrading my phone... it's not that important, but I'm remarkably behind the times... there's so much cool shit out there available as far as third party apps, 3+ mp cameras... *sigh* I'll take care of that sooner or later.

It's really, really nice outside... I should be out there... I figure I've got about 15 more minutes before my phone's charged.

Gunna be a good day.

[User Picture]From: vestiges
2009-09-27 06:40 pm (UTC)
whatcha doin
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